Hiring a good agent to help you take care of business is of vital importance. When it comes to buying and selling a home, no one should be without a good agent.

What are the benefits to hiring someone reputable and why is it so important?

1) They have been in the business a long time. Good agents know what to expect from sellers. You need someone with this knowledge and expertise on your side. Don’t just “figure” it out yourself.

2) There are many of us who claim to be good at haggling over price. No matter how good we “claim” to be, there is always someone better. This is where a trusted agent comes in. He or she knows the best way to get a good deal on the table. Never go into this alone. If you do, you are pretty much killing your chances. Agents have years of experience with this on their side. They know all the tricks that people pull.

3) Agents know information about the property you don’t. You may look at a property and think it’s okay. Speak to your agent first. He or she might know something you don’t. This is where the skills come in.

4) A reputable agent knows about contracts. Most credible agents will use contracts in their business dealings, whether it be a friend or stranger. Never go into a deal without things being written down. If you don’t use a contract, it’s your word against theirs.

People have a tendency to lie. When they do, they lie big time. Agents know this. Which is why you need everything written down. This way the person who is selling can’t go back on his or her word.

5) Your Prescott real estate agent has contacts that you don’t even know about. This comes in very handy with house hunting and selling. You need someone who has the inside track on things. Going this alone, your resources are going to be limited and exhausted very fast.

6) If your agent is credible, he or she will be established with the real estate agent association. This is something you want. If he or she is on the list, you know you are working with a pro.